Demic Apps LLC provides custom software solutions for ad agencies and startups, including support for a variety of platforms such as iPhone, Android, and Web.

Data Visualization

Building data visualizations is a passion of mine, and I have experience building charts and dashboards on both web and mobile platforms.

Emerging Platforms

Whether you're looking to enhance a new voice assistant or utilize a new iPhone feature, I can help you get your product or brand in the app store on launch day.

Cross-Platform Apps

If you're looking to launch on both iPhone and Android, I specialize in cross-platform app architecture. Check out my projects below to see it in production.



by Demic Apps

Quizzer8 is an educational quiz app that is currently focused on teaching teens and adults the countries of the world. The app features a custom-built map API and utilizes open-source map data.

Available now on Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV!

  • Quizzer8 on the Amazon Appstore
  • imperson8 on the Apple App Store
  • Quizzer8 on Google Play



Working with the team at, I've helped them build out VINFactor, a cross-browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that finds and highlights Vehicle Idenitication Numbers (VINs) on websites. Clicking a VIN reveals data to help a dealer determine the vehicle's value.

VINFactor won the 2017 Driving Sales Innovation Cup at the Driving Sales Executive Summit in October.

Recycling Facts

by Demic Apps

Recycling Facts is a skill for Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant. Recycling Facts can answer a variety of questions about whether household waste is recycleable or not, and whether it is accepted by curbside recycling.

To give it a try, ask Alexa: “Alexa, enable Recycling Facts.”

Recycling Facts on thie Amazon Appstore
Alexa, ask Recycling Facts
about grocery bags.
Alexa, ask Recycling Facts
can I recycle batteries?
Alexa, tell Recycling Facts
I need to recycle some cardboard.

Open Diabetes

by Demic Apps

Open Diabetes is an iPhone app to help people living with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. The app uses data stored in Apple Health to generate charts in order to see historical blood glucose data. The design philosophy behind Open Diabetes is to be non-judgemental and purely data-focused.

Open Diabetes on the Apple App Store


by Demic Apps

imperson8 is a family-friendly party game first released on Apple TV in December 2015. It has over 150,000 downloads across all platforms, and has been regularly featured by Amazon on Fire TV, including Fire TV Game of the Month in August 2016.

  • imperson8 on the Amazon Appstore
  • imperson8 on the Apple App Store
  • imperson8 on Google Play

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